Horizen Secure Node Service

Fully integrated setup and hosting service.

Host a secure node, earn mining rewards and become part of Horizen!

  • We set up the ZEN Secure Node and connect your node to the network
  • You keep full control of your wallet and ZEN
  • We can provide 1Y TP hosting or use your service for big savings
  • You pay in ZEN, or any other crypto*
  • We provide the sub-domain and TLS Certificate for your Secure Node
  • You stay fully anonymous
  • We keep your node up-to date and secure
  • You earn the full reward

You can find more info on Horizen and Secure Nodes on the official website.

Contact @mangefort#8320 on Horizen Discord

ROI Calculator %

Description ZEN BTC EUR USD
ZEN Stake amount
Hosting fee (1Y)
Setup & maint.
Rewards (/1M)
Profit (1Y)

* - tx and conversion fees apply; ** - additional costs may arise in order to stay in compliance for payouts; Please note that LAB reserves the right to change the prices or update the terms as neccessary without notice, LAB also reserves the right to terminate without refund - nodes that are not compliant for payout a minimum of 7 days by owner's or third-party fault; LAB is an independent entity and not affiliated with Horizen;